Technical features

  • Air conditioning and heating system while driving

  • 32A 3-phases needed for air conditioning on location

  • Internal power is 220V (available via sockets)

  • Driver always included (no separate rental)

  • Maximum number of passengers: 15

  • Trailer possible


  • Coffee machine

  • Kettle

  • Microwave

  • Refrigerator

  • Wash basin with running water

  • Playstation

  • DVD player

  • Surround sound system including bluetooth

  • Large amount of LED screens

  • 3-bunk construction

  • Comfortable beds with thick mattresses, pillows and bed linen

  • Spacious cargo space

Van Interior

  • Interior lighting cargo area

  • Reading lights and 220V in each bunk

  • Window and curtain in each bunk

  • Onboard toilet and shower

Dimensions Cargo bayDimensions rear cargo bay Exterior dimensionsCargo capacityLoad capacityAxesEuro
L-2,00m x W-2,20m x H-1,04m (max height at door: 94cm)L-1,60m x W-2,20m x H-1,04m (max height at door: 94cmL 13.40 x B2.5 x H48m3 (4,5m3 + 3,5m3)n/a25