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Green Dreams, Real Results: The Hydrogen Generator Test for Our Nightliners at Eurosonic

Updated: Feb 13

In the pursuit of a greener future, Pieter Smit Group is proud to share a collaborative achievement with Volta Energy–the successful test of hydrogen generators to power our Nightliners at Eurosonic. This groundbreaking test not only reflects our dedication to sustainability but also showcases a tangible reduction in CO2 emissions. In this blog post, we delve into the specifics of hydrogen generators, their impact on our operations, and how they align with our broader sustainable strategies. 

Hydrogen Generators vs. Diesel Generators

A chart about Diesel vs HVO vs Hydrogen Generator
Diesel vs HVO vs Hydrogen Generator

Our Nightliners, traditionally powered by diesel generators, underwent a transformative test during Eurosonic with the introduction of hydrogen generators. In a 15-hour period, we not only eliminated the need for diesel but also saved 320kg of CO2 emissions. This move represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint. 

Understanding Hydrogen Generators: 

Hydrogen generators, tested at Eurosonic, operate on a revolutionary principle, utilizing hydrogen gas to produce electricity through an emission-free electrochemical process. This successful test aligns seamlessly with our eco-friendly fleet strategy, eliminating harmful emissions associated with traditional diesel generators. 

The hydrogen generators first generated electricity using solar energy. The backup of the generator, powered by hydrogen, ensured a continuous and reliable energy supply. This means we successfully generated power odor-free, noise-free, and sustainably during Eurosonic where there was no main power.  

The only residual product is pure H2O. 

Hydrogen Generator from Volta Energy
Volta Energy - Hydrogen Generator

At Volta Energy,the hydrogen generator for this groundbreaking test, offers different models ranging from 6 kVA to 120 kVA. This allows us to perfectly match the generator model to the energy requirement, ensuring optimal efficiency. Powered by solar energy and hydrogen, this smart approach to electricity generation saves 100% CO2 and nitrogen compared to a conventional diesel generator. 

Innovative Practices and Future Goals: 

Transitioning to hydrogen generators is a clear example of our dedication to exploring innovative practices in energy production. As we continue to explore electric and hydrogen vehicles for our fleet, this successful test represents a tangible step towards our future goals of expanding our clean energy usage. 

The successful test of hydrogen generators at Pieter Smit Group during Eurosonic represents a pivotal moment in our journey towards sustainable transportation and logistics. By leveraging the power of hydrogen, we are not just reducing our carbon footprint; we are actively contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.  


As we pioneer these innovations, our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology remains unwavering, solidifying our position as leaders in green logistics and environmentally responsible practices. 

Aftermovie - Pieter Smit at Eurosonic



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