Safe and air-conditioned container storage for show equipment.

At Pieter Smit we have our own warehouse facilities for storing your show equipment! Our storage solutions have a permanent minimum temperature of 16°C to make sure your band equipment will be kept dry and secure.

Smart solutions for equipment storage

At our storage locations we can load and unload your 20- and 40-foot containers directly from the trailer chassis with professional
overhead cranes.

So instead of having to ship your gear, we can store it safe and conditioned and deliver your show material anywhere in Europe!
Additionally we can arrange pick up at the airport with our rental vans or Nightliners and bring you straight to the venue!
Pieter Smit’s logistic solutions will make sure your band material will follow you around safe and soundfully.

Why Pieter Smit

Pieter Smit can haul and store anything from theatre productions to giant concert tours.
We work both national and international with our green logistics solutions.
The environment is a key factor to our work, that’s why Pieter Smit Showservice uses the cleanest vans, lorries and air conditioning equipment.


20 and 40 FT high cube container



Sideloader Pieter smit 1
  • Pick up capacity 20 (2×20), 30, 40, 45 Foot containers

  • pick Up/ drop off containers from other trailers

  • Workingspace needed, 16.5 meter x 6 meter

  • Strap rails outside

  • Straps inside

  • Blankets

  • Wooden floor

  • Empty 3900 kg

  • Door opening B 2,33 H 2,55

20ft container40ft container
Dimensions InteriorL 5,90 x B2,35x H2,69L 12,00 x B2,35x H2,69
Dimensions ExteriorL 6,00 x B2,45x H2.90L 12,10 x B2,45x H2,90
Cargo capacity38 m376 m3
Load capacity28.000 kg26.480 kg