Pieter Smit helps you save the world, one mile at a time.

Pieter Smit Group Sustainability Strategy

PSG is committed to managing and developing its business in a sustainable manner. All our decision-making, planning and day to day business is expected to be carried out in the most environmentally responsible way. We make sure to comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and want to be one step ahead in environmental awareness.

Our fleet

Our modern fleet consists of buses, vans and Euro 6 trucks equipped with state of the art technology meeting all the latest EU standards. The most environmentally friendly technology available for (long distance) trucking these days. Our vehicles are equipped to run on biodiesel, which is a 100% renewable diesel alternative that can reduce CO2 emissions up to 90%. We also offer the possibility to pick up your rental Vans fueled up with HvO. No biodiesel available on the road? No problem. Biodiesel can safely be mixed with regular diesel in all our vehicles.

Efficient planning is the key to contributing to reducing CO2 emission and as we have locations all over mainland Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria) we are always nearby.

Our real estate

Our storage warehouses and offices are heated by earth warmth. Besides that, all our buildings have the best insulation and are facilitated with LED lightening to reduce the energy consumption. Rainwater systems are used for sanitary purposes and the roof of Pieter Smit Group’s headquarters in the NL is fully covered with 600 solar panels. Our electricity usage is therefore not only neutral, but we also deliver the remaining solar power back to the grid.

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