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Jam Van session Reeperbahn fest ’19: Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives – Come Closer

They haven’t had their international break yet, but within Greece, the soft rock four-piece of the hour is called Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives. The band from Athens skillfully crafts love- and sun-drenched sound reminiscent of the Eagles and the Bee Gees. By blending soul grooves with early-eighties AOR, the adult-oriented rock of the hairspray generation, the band proves a cool amount of experience—and that it could maybe even have carved out a space for itself in Motown.

Pieter Smit and have partnered up for the Jam Van Sessions. Both companies have a rich history in music with Pieter Smit being a specialist in transporting, building and technical realizing Pop & Rock entertainment, theatre and sports events throughout Europe.

The Jam Van Sessions were first launched at ESNS 2019 and emerged from a spontaneous jam session in the back lounge of one of Pieter Smits’ Nightliner busses. As we believe these sessions are a unique way for the world to discover new music we made it our goal to record more sessions. KINK stepped in as a partner to broadcast all recorded sessions during their radio show KINK IN CONCERT and will also host videos of said sessions on their website. For bands it’s a unique opportunity to not only meet new fans but also surprise their existing ones with unique and exclusive video material of their music.

During Reeperbahn festival 2019 we parked the Jam Van in Hamburg and recorded a whole bunch of Jam VanSessions This is your chance to get a glimpse of its amazing festival line-up.

Want to get involved!? Shoot us an email at


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