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Nightliner 15-bunks Iveco Single Decker

Technical features

Air conditioning and heating system while driving

32A 3-phases needed for air conditioning on location

Internal power is 220V (available via sockets)

Driver always included (no separate rental)

Maximum number of passengers: 15

Trailer possible


Coffee machine




Wash basin with running water


DVD player

Surround sound system including bluetooth

Large amount of LED screens

3-bunk construction

Comfortable beds with thick mattresses, pillows and bed linen

Spacious cargo space

Van Interior

Interior lighting cargo area

Reading lights and 220V in each bunk

Window and curtain in each bunk

Onboard toilet and shower

To reserve? mail with INFO@NIGHTLINER-SUPPORT.EU

Dimensions Cargo bayDimensions rear cargo bay Exterior dimensionsCargo capacityLoad capacityAxesEuroL-2,00m x W-2,20m x H-1,04m (max height at door: 94cm)L-1,60m x W-2,20m x H-1,04m (max height at door: 94cmL 13.40 x B2.5 x H48m3 (4,5m3 + 3,5m3)n/a25


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