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Our Women in Touring – Carla

Truck driving, especially in the music scene, used to be a pretty heavily male dominated industry. Trucking and event transport was no exception to this rule. Until now! Here at Pieter Smit we’re excited and proud to say that the amount of women in our ranks is growing by the day. It’s time to get to know these rolemodels. So in this episode, we catch Carla (45) who was recently on the road with Ed Sheeran.

How did you end up on the road? “I discovered international trucking in 1996. I started to drive a Toyota Dina 150, which is a pretty moderately sized truck. I was doing door to door sales at the time. But that tiny thing is where it all started: it gave me a taste for the road. Just two years later, in 1998, I left on my first international adventure. I never looked back, I never stopped since. I mean, I’ve always wanted to be a driver. Since I was a little girl, there was no doubt in my mind. So that little girl got what she wanted. I live my childhood dream every day.”

What’s the best thing about it? “I’m in Russia right now, so there’s that! I really enjoy traveling and seeing all these new places. Moscow is amazing, and being a part of a show such as Ed Sheeran’s is of course amazing as well. I’ve been on the road since April 2019. This job gives you so much freedom. And it gives back, too. I remember helping colleagues out and them returning favors for so many different things. Drilling holes, fixing your truck when it breaks down, I even got snowed in at some point. Even if you aren’t on the same tour, or you’re not even in the same business, you help each other out. That’s just great.”

Is there a big difference between the artists you drive for? “Oh, of course. The people are different, so the teams are different. Every team has their own style. Their own way of doing things. So sometimes you’ll have to flick a switch and adapt quickly. Sometimes it’s like you’ve worked with someone for years from the first moment you meet them. The Pieter Smit team is really good, they’re all very easy going, efficient professionals.”

Do you think it’s important to be a role model? “Yes, absolutely. I didn’t have one when I was younger, so that matters to me. I want other women to follow in my footsteps and to experience this life. I’m very grateful for my profession and for my opportunities with Pieter Smit, so I would love for more women to enjoy this!”


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