Life on the road can be beautiful and exciting as it can be intense and exhausting.

That is why Pieter Smit is proud to present our rehearsal and lounge studio in Unna, Germany! Located near Dortmund airport and next to our storage solution, this is the perfect place for artists travelling with a band, theatre production or a dance company to rehearsal!

From it’s central location in Europe, the village of Unna can also be a perfect starting point for your tour!

Fully equipped spaces

Whether it is snowing or there is a heatwave, our studio is fully airconditioned so you always get the perfect temperature to perform optimally. The studio spaces also are fully equipped with all the tech you need to do your final rehearsals before the big show. Professional lighting rigs are installed as well as professional stage sound. This way you can rehearse as if you are at the actual show!

Our rehearsal studio comes with a lounge where you can lay back and wind down from the excitement of touring.

All your equipment at the ready

Next to our modern rehearsal space, Pieter Smit offer over 9000 square metres of climate controlled storage space for all your equipment. Because of our large storage spaces so close to the rehearsal studio, we can cater to all your needs regardless of production size. The possibilities are broad and many. Mogelijk veel Dubbele informatie?

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Pieter Smit offer a state-of-the-art space for any production, whether you are a dance company, musical or band, we’ve got you covered. Do you need a place to wind down and rehearse during or before your tour? All our solutions are tailor made, interested? get your quote!


Rehearsal space specs

  • L x W x H= 25x17x15 meters
  • Flexible work space design – truss constructions and hoisting points can be changed individually.

  • The hall walls are completely insulated, inside by perforated plates of 30 mm thick, outside by perforated plates of 140 mm.
  • The hall is continuously heated to 16 to 17 ° C. The room is equipped with floor heating.

  • 500 kW power supply. 125 and 63 Amp Cee From an camlock power plug.
  • Total area 35,000 m² with more than 9,000 m² of storage space.