touring logistics

Pieter Smit stands for one band, one goal: Customer satisfaction for all your touring logistics needs, wether you need one or thirty trucks. We got you covered!

But we do more than planning tours, Pieter Smit offers a total package with storage options, additional rentals and even luxury touring Nightliners.
Touring logistics at any size

Pieter Smit plans from A to Z. We love concert touring and offer the best service for your specific needs. We offer departures and equipment deliveries on site or any of our European locations. Examples of our equipment:

  • More than two hundred fifty trucks and six hundred trailers.
  • 20ft or 40ft Containers, storage and specialised sideloading transport for loading and unloading on location.
  • More than a hundred Vans, crewvans, and several electric vehicles!
  • Fifteen Nightliner Coaches with luxury travel options and up to fifteen window supplied sleeping bunks.
Service with you in mind

All our services are customer focused and tailor made.
We at Pieter Smit are decisive, we work together with bands, tour managers and logistics experts to find your perfect solution.

Planning logistics is something we have done for over 40 years and over the years, our personal approach has caused many big artists to trust Pieter Smit. Where do you want to go?