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Driving Sustainability: Pieter Smit Group's Green Initiatives for a Greener Future

At Pieter Smit Group, sustainability is not just a commitment; it's a driving force that shapes every aspect of our business. In this blog post, we're thrilled to showcase our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and the initiatives that define our journey toward a greener future.

Green forest with a lake in format of a truck
Driving Sustainability

Our Eco-Friendly Fleet

At the core of our sustainability efforts is our modern and eco-friendly fleet. Designed with the latest technology, our buses, vans, and Euro 6 trucks prioritize reducing carbon emissions. The use of HVO biodiesel, with the potential to cut CO2 emissions by up to 90%, exemplifies our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. Our fleet also boasts innovations such as low deck and double-deck trailers, minimizing fuel consumption and promoting efficient logistics. 

Efficient Planning and Strategic Locations

Efficiency is key to minimizing our carbon footprint. With strategic locations across mainland Europe, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, and Poland, we reduce unnecessary travel distances. By involving drivers in event assembly and disassembly, we prioritize reducing empty kilometers, further contributing to our sustainable logistics concept. 

Up view of Pieter Smit HQ
Pieter Smit HQ - Nieuw Vennep

Sustainable Real Estate Facilities

Our commitment extends beyond the road to our real estate facilities. Geothermal heating, LED lighting, rainwater systems, and 600 solar panels at our headquarters in the Netherlands showcase our dedication to sustainable practices. These measures not only reduce energy consumption but also allow us to deliver excess solar power back to the grid, making our electricity usage not only neutral but beneficial to the environment. 

Innovative Practices and Future Goals

We continuously explore innovative practices, from long trailers with increased volume to exploring electric and hydrogen vehicles for our fleet. Our future goals include expanding our electric or hydrogen vehicle fleet, exploring logistics concepts for further emission reduction, and enhancing renewable energy usage in our facilities. 

Sustainability Challenges and Solutions

While committed to sustainability, we acknowledge the challenges we face. The limitations of electric and hydrogen trucks for long-haul routes and low deck trailers present obstacles. However, we are actively seeking solutions and anticipating advancements in technology to overcome these hurdles. Addressing charging infrastructure limitations, compliance with driving and rest time regulations, and ensuring the availability of sustainable fuels are integral parts of our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices.  

Green road with a bridget
Green Movement

Join Us in the Green Movement

At Pieter Smit Group, we invite our employees, clients, and partners to join us in our commitment to a greener future. Together, we can overcome challenges, implement innovative solutions, and contribute to a sustainable planet, one mile at a time. Thank you for being part of our journey toward driving sustainability and saving the planet.  


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